Cannabis 101The best, healthy clones, rooted in small pots

You need to pay attention when purchasing cannabis clone saplings. It is never easy to identify if the sapling is infected unless it is too late. Many people are not able to differentiate male from female saplings as well.

You can search for Cannabis Clones in licensed dispensaries only. It is important to ensure that you select infection-free saplings only.


Appearance and color


This is the first step that can help you identify the sapling conditions. If the sapling has a very good appearance and vibrant color then it is healthy.


  • When selecting saplings always ensure that you pay attention to the color uniformity
  • You should only purchase saplings from licensed The Clone Conservatory dispensary
  • Select only well-groomed saplings that have visible roots and shoots


Avoid pest-infested saplings


You have to keep in mind that cannabis saplings can easily get infected by pests. The signs of pest infestations are easily visible if you have a close look at the saplings.


This means that you should only purchase saplings that do not show any visible signs of pest infestations. The signs can be potential factors that saplings are not healthy.




When you look around for Clones for Sale near me then it is certain that grooming makes a big difference. This means that if the saplings are well groomed then they are healthy.


Go for saplings that do not have any foul smell. If the saplings have brown stems then you have to avoid purchasing them. Fresh saplings will have green looks. You should also check for mildew signs on the leaves.


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