Join the Clone Conservatory Network! We connect your nurseries with customers near you, by generating leads and sales for your cannabis clones. Benefit from our marketing, competitive wholesale pricing, processes, and delivery logistics. Grow your business with us – apply today!

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Network Benefits

Discover the benefits of working with the Clone Conservatory Network:

  1. Increased sales through lead generation

  2. Wider market reach and exposure

  3. Competitive wholesale pricing opportunities

  4. Streamlined delivery logistics

  5. Secure and seamless payment processing

  6. Join our network and experience these advantages for your cannabis clone nursery today

Terms & Conditions

  1. Plant Quality: Nurseries within our network must maintain high-quality cannabis clones with verified genetics. Consistent plant health and quality are crucial to building trust with our customers and ensuring the success of the network.
  2. Customer Feedback: We appreciate our customers and their feedback. If we receive frequent or numerous complaints regarding plant quality or service from your nursery, it will prompt a thorough review by The Clone Conservatory.
  3.  Systems/Processes: To maximize sales and revenue, we encourage nurseries to adopt and follow some basic systems and processes. This helps streamline operations, improve efficiency, and ultimately contribute to the overall success of our the nursery network.

Join our network and commit to upholding these standards for the mutual success of all parties involved.