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How Long Does it Take to Grow a cannabis Plant

When it comes to determining How Long Does it Take to Grow a cannabis Plant, the quick answer is “as long as it takes,” which is also the most annoying one.

We’ll go into a little more detail in this article than “as long as it takes”! We’ll go over how long it takes to go from the first day of planting a seed to smoking your new harvest, as well as what’s included in the process and what elements influence how long it takes for your weed plant to be ready to smoke.

The Pre-Stage

From the moment you decide to cultivate your own cannabis plant, you’ll find that getting your harvest wrapped into a blunt might take anything from eight weeks to seven months. Because of this, most growers won’t give a specific date for when the plant will be ready; larger plants take longer to grow, and anything from the strain and setup to the size of the plants can affect the time it takes to mature. How long does it take to cultivate a weed plant here? There is no specific answer…

As indoor growers, the cannabis plant could take 3-5 months to mature, including the time it takes to go from seedling to harvest, as well as the additional weeks or months it takes to cure the buds. You’ll want to use that time to get the more strong, better-smelling buds. When growing your cannabis for the first time, keep in mind that you’ll need more time to sort out the equipment and seeds. This takes more time, and you should keep in mind that the length of time you should cultivate your cannabis depends on the type of growth, the yield you want, and the strain.

It’s crucial to remember that most outdoor strains are as much influenced by the weather as they are by the time of year they are planted.

Seedling to Smoke: Growing Your Cannabis

When it comes to determining how long it takes to grow weed, there are a few steps to consider. We’ve gone through each of those stages in this section, as well as what they mean for your weed plants.

From Day 1 to Day 7

This is how long seed germination takes. For your seeds to germinate successfully, you must study as much as possible about fail-safe ways. They can germinate in soil or in a hydroponic chamber.

From Week 4 to 8

This is the process’s vegetative stage. Only the stems and leaves are growing at this point. Most indoor weed plants will vegetate for 4-8 weeks, with seedlings flowering approximately 3 weeks after germination, but the actual plant will be quite small as a result. Almost all gardeners will allow their plants to vegetate for a little longer in order to produce a larger plant. This will result in higher weed yields in the future. To get them to grow, all you have to do is make sure there is enough light to cover all of the bud sites.

From Week 8 to 10

This is typical for the flowering stage, but it varies according to the cannabis strain. Around this period, plants begin to bud, and this stage usually lasts 8-10 weeks, but it might last longer depending on the strain. Some strains can take months to mature before they need to be harvested.

Post-harvest Stage

This step is all about finding that sharp odor you’ve been searching for. After harvesting the buds, they should be dried for about a week before being placed in glass jars. This allows them to grow, and if you want the highest quality, you should give them at least 14 days.

This is the step that improves the weed’s taste and smell while also ensuring the highest possible quality. You don’t want to risk any headaches or “quick” effects, so don’t skip this step!

Final Tip

Don’t forget to factor in the time it takes for your buds to dry. A good drying procedure takes at least 10-14 days and is essential for the quality of your cannabis. If you don’t dry your weed properly, you can ruin a beautiful grow. If you have the time, you should also cure them for a full month. That is something you will undoubtedly thank yourself for!

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