Growing 101An image of clones vs seeds. What are the best clones for sale near me.

If you want to grow marijuana, you can choose to purchase seeds or clone saplings. Most growers at present time prefer working with healthy clone saplings. These are better options as compared to purchasing seeds.


  • You can purchase genetically modified clones from The Clone Conservatory online
  • It is easy to determine the health of clone saplings
  • The wait time for growing clone saplings is less as compared to sowing seeds 

Genetic consistency


If you are aware of clone saplings, these are exact replicas of the parent plant. The genetic structure of the clone saplings can be easily predictable. It is possible to read the traits of a clone sapling.


Ethos HYBRID seeds

For commercial use, clones are always a better choice. You can select healthy clones to grow in your dispensary. You can search for Clones for Sale near me easily online. 


Flowering and growth


If you sow marijuana seeds you cannot be sure if they will sprout or not. Most seeds may not sprout on time. This is a condition that you may not be able to control.


This may not be the case if you are investing in healthy clone saplings. When working with clones you may not have to wait for germination time. You can look around for Cannabis Clones for Sale near me options online.


You also have the convenience of selecting specific gender clone saplings from any online dispensary. You can check with The Clone Conservatory online to get more familiar with the benefits. You can invest money only in feminized saplings if you need guaranteed extract. Clones are also easy to manage as compared to seeds.


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