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With the Golden State’s progressive stance on cannabis, you might be surprised at how things work if you want to cultivate weed.. From the scenic shores of San Diego to the foggy streets of San Francisco, the laws of weed vary, and it’s important to know the lowdown before you start sowing those seeds.


Now, you might be wondering, can just anyone grab a handful of Marijuana Seeds Online and start their little garden of green and cultivate weed, right? Well, when it comes to weed cultivation, California’s got some unique rules in this department.

  1. Get seeds without breaking the law


You won’t find cannabis seeds sitting on the shelves of your neighborhood supermarket, that’s for sure. While there’s no official government-regulated marketplace for cannabis seeds, there are plenty of reputable online seed banks like The Clone Conservatory marijuana seeds discreetly ship to California.

  1. Local counties on cannabis cultivation


While California state law allows for personal cannabis cultivation, local counties have the authority to impose their restrictions. Some counties and cities have chosen to ban outdoor cannabis cultivation or even growing cannabis plants altogether. So, it’s absolutely crucial to check your local ordinances before you check out Marijuana Seeds for Sale.


  1. Don’t let kids come to the cannabis cultivation area


In California, it’s illegal to grow marijuana in a place where children can access it. So, if you’ve got little ones running around, make sure your cannabis growing space is secure and off-limits for kids. After ensuring it, you can buy quality cannabis seeds from The Clone Conservatory Nursery.


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