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Best Strains for Beginners: The land of green can be a bit intimidating to novices, with all the fancy names, levels of potency, and varied ways to ingest cannabis. While it’s easy to think of “cannabis” as referring to just one plant, the reality is that there are many different types—or strains—of cannabis, each with its own distinct traits and characteristics.

And, just like music, fashion, and food, everyone and their neighbor have different cannabis preferences. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the Six Finest Cannabis Strains for Beginners.

1 Blue Dream:

Super Silver Haze (SSH) and Blueberry were crossed to create Blue Dream, a Sativa-dominant hybrid. Blue Dream is a popular strain among beginners and experts alike due to its balanced Sativa effect and sweet flavor. Blue Dream has a diverse terpene profile, which may explain why the THC’s effects aren’t as strong.

The Blue Dream strain is quite approachable, as seen by its widespread popularity. Blue Dream has been shown to help with stress, anxiety, and sadness. Blue Dream has a peppery, piney, herbal, and lavender flavor, which indicates that it includes terpenes such as linalool, beta-caryophyllene, pinene, and myrcene.

2. Future #1:

Future #1 is a hybrid of Original Glue and Starfighter from Anesia Seeds. The terpene profile of this powerful strain includes pineapple, citrus, and mango. Future #1 provides a more euphoric and functional high that encourages creative expression, daydreaming, and thought-provoking dialogue.

3. Rainbow Sherbet (AKA RS-11):

Commonly known as “RS-11” and “Rainbow Sherbert #11,” is a cannabis hybrid created by crossing Pink Guava with OZK. RS11 is calming rather than invigorating. Smokers describe feeling peaceful, drowsy, but mentally sharp after using this strain. With notes of sour citrus, the flavor profile is particularly delicious. The RS11 flower produces a mellow smoke with a sweet and spicy scent that lingers. Patients who use medical cannabis report they smoke this strain when they are in slight pain. THC content in RS11 is estimated to be around 15%. Growers say this strain stands out amid the throng because of its vivid lime green and space yellow tones. The typical flowering time for RS11 is 10 weeks. Doja Pak was the first to breed this strain.

4. White Apple Tartz:

This delectable Runtz x Apple Fritter cross is reminiscent of crisp Granny Smith and sweet Honeycrisp apples. Crisp and revitalizing, sour and acidic, sharp and enlivening, suggestive of those gigantic wonderfully green, perfectly ripened apples of your childhood. The metaphorical fruit doesn’t fall far from either side of the tree here, though – the Apple Tartz has an unexpected sweetness supplied by the Runtz that stays for only a second. In addition, the fusion of these two flavor characteristics results in a zesty and refreshing diesel/gas overtone, as well as a gentle floral note that keeps you wondering and tasting – no flavor profile is left out here.

The Apple Tartz seems a real hybrid, with a tiny sativa tilt at times. It’s energizing and uplifting, but smooth and focused. It’s great for breakfast.

5. Tropicana Cherry:

Bred by Oni Seed Co, Tropicana Cookies crosses GSC and Tangie. The result is a sativa-dominant strain with strong tangerine and citrus notes backed up by a smooth cookie’s flavor.

Expect purple buds that have hints of dark green with orange hairs.

6. Raunchy Runtz:

Raunchy Runtz is a rare and sought-after cookies strain that is a hybrid of Cream D and Runtz. The strain boasts resin-drenched blooms that range in color from rich purple to lime green and is known for its very fruity but grassy profile. Raunchy Runtz is also known for its smooth, pleasant smoking, as well as a euphoric, elevating high that lasts for hours.

Whatever strain you choose, keep in mind that different strains have different effects on different people, and everyone’s tolerance for cannabis is varied. With this in mind, all you have to do now is pick a strain that appeals to you, be safe, and have fun!

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