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“Best Hydroponic Methods For Growing Cannabis Yourself”

People have tested and developed the finest ways to cultivate cannabis since then, and it has come a long way since then. Hydroponic weed planting is a modern method. Hydroponic cannabis is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods of cannabis cultivation. 

We’ll cover all you need to know about growing your own hydro weed in this article.

The Different Types of Cannabis Feeding in Hydroponics

1. Deep Water Culture (DWC)

Because it is incredibly effective when cultivating cannabis, the DWC Hydroponic System is one of the most popular.

Throughout their development, the roots of your plants dangle over the nutrition solution in this complete hydroponic grow system. The roots are suspended in a nutritional solution container, while the unit is suspended from the middle of the cap.

An air pump is also used in the DWC system to give air to the plants for improved growth.

2. Aeroponic System

The amount of water used for plant growth in an Aeroponic System is substantially smaller, and it does not use soil at all.

It can seem absurd to you, or you might be wondering how a small amount of nutrient-rich water, even without soil, might help you with your crop. But believe us when we say that this strategy is really practical and produces excellent outcomes.

Another advantage of this system is that it saves a lot of space and allows you to grow cannabis both vertically and horizontally.

3. Drip System

This drip system, as the name implies, directly administers nutrient-rich water to the plant roots while dribbling to the soil drop by drop.

There are very minimal odds of the soil conserving the water for your cannabis due to this progressive discharge of water. This is due to the fact that practically all of the water is eaten and none is left behind.

As a result, this approach ensures that all nutritious nutrients reach the plants‘ roots efficiently.

4. Flow System and EBB

This efficient grow technique submerges the entire area where harvesting took place and then allows the liquid to drain. The growing region is additionally sunk with the help of an underwater pump.

This arrangement works well with a variety of growing media. Other materials, such as gravel and growing stones, can also be used to fill up the growth area.

Their presence helps to ensure that the water is efficiently drained. Furthermore, using individual units of growing material allows you to move your plants around more easily.

5. Nutrient Solution (NFT System)

This universal hydroponics nutrient film technique NFT keeps the plants dangling over a container while continuously supplying nutrient solutions to help them develop faster.

The container will be used to collect all of the extra nutrient-rich water. Through a pump, the same liquid is sprayed on the weed again and again.

Because the cannabis is kept in a net pot, this approach requires that the crops be kept vertical. It also does not require the use of a developing medium.

6. The Wick System

A wick system does not have any moving parts and relies on a simple plantation procedure. The nutritive liquid from the tank is absorbed by a wick, which then transports it to the weed via the growth medium.

This approach works with a variety of growing mediums, including coconut fiber, perlite, and others. When it comes to cannabis, however, this strategy is useless since it provides less water than the plant demands.

Since we are talking about growing cannabis you should be looking to use either the ebb and flow system, drip system, or the nutrient film system. If you use one of these simple options your cannabis growth will explode, and your workload will decrease greatly.

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