Charlie Girl #9


Charlie Girl #9 is a potent indica-dominant hybrid strain with a lineage of SFV OG Kush and GSC. While the difficulty level for growing this strain is moderate, the high yield of Charlie Girl #9 is sure to impress even the most experienced growers.

One of the most notable features of Charlie Girl #9 is its aroma. This strain offers a complex blend of earthy, skunky, and sweet notes that make for an unforgettable experience. Hints of pine and citrus can also be detected, adding to the overall fragrance of the buds.

The effects of Charlie Girl #9 are equally impressive. The high is known to be euphoric and uplifting, providing a boost of energy and creativity. As the effects start to settle in, a relaxing body buzz takes over, making this strain ideal for relaxation and stress relief. The high is long-lasting, ensuring that you can enjoy the effects of Charlie Girl #9 for hours on end.

Overall, Charlie Girl #9 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a potent and fragrant indica-dominant hybrid strain. With its unique aroma and impressive effects, it is no surprise that this strain has become a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts. Whether you are seeking relaxation, creativity, or stress relief, Charlie Girl #9 is sure to deliver.


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