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Step By Step Seed Germination Guide

1 Plant Germinated Seeds

Once the roots are a few millimeters long, carefully transplant the seeds into your chosen growing medium. Moisten the soil and place under a light.

2Find a Warm, Dark Spot

Place the baggie in a warm, dark location like a cabinet or drawer. Monitor the seeds daily. Germination typically occurs within 3-10 days.

3Wet the Paper Towel

Soak one paper towel in water. queeze excess water out ensuring it is moist but not overly saturated.

4Put Seeds in Paper Towel

Lay out wet paper towel and gently place your cannabis seeds on it, spacing them out evenly. Then fold the paper towl over the seeds.

3Seal in Baggie

Put the folded paper towel into a plastic sandwich baggie and seal it to maintain moisture.