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Sunset Fritter

Sunset Fritter is a potent and flavorful Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that is a cross between two popular strains, Apple Fritter and Sunset Sherbet. The combination of these two strains results in a unique and enjoyable experience for cannabis enthusiasts.

One of the most notable features of Sunset Fritter is its impressive flavor profile. This strain boasts a sweet and fruity taste that is reminiscent of its parent strains, with hints of apple and sherbet. The flavor is complemented by a smooth and pleasant smoke, making it a delight to smoke or vape.

Sunset Fritter is also known for its potent effects, which can vary depending on the individual user. Its Indica-dominant genetics contribute to its relaxing and calming effects, making it an excellent choice for those looking to unwind after a long day or seeking relief from stress and anxiety. Some users also report a boost in mood and creativity, making it a versatile strain for both daytime and nighttime use.

Overall, Sunset Fritter is an excellent choice for those looking for a flavorful and potent cannabis experience. Its unique flavor profile and impressive effects make it a popular choice among both recreational and medicinal users alike.

Tahoe OG

Tahoe OG offers a powerful mix of heady india and body-oriented sativa, with a 10:90 sativa/indica ratio. The THC levels, which can top 20%, make this a particularly potent choice for those seeking stress reduction and mood boost. The high is predominantly relaxed, both in body and mind, but the sativa component adds a strong euphoria and feelings of happiness. This strain is often used to treat anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia, while it’s also helpful in treating depression, ADHD, PTSD, migraines, and PMS. Negative effects most commonly include dry mouth and dry eyes, with a limited possibility of dizziness. An inbred descendant of the OG Kush strain, Tahoe OG has an earthy, lemony taste, with a pungent plant smell. This strain is most popular on the West Coast, in Colorado, and in Michigan. It’s usually found in California, where it was initially bred near Lake Tahoe. It isn’t the easiest strain to find, but the potency alone is worth the effort. Tahoe OG can grow well indoors or out, and its vegetative cycle is of moderate length, about 70 days.