Countless medical marijuana prescribers have sought benefits through edible marijuana. Whether or not they’ve bought the baked goods through dispensaries themselves or simply bought the quantities necessary to make a homemade batch of marijuana-infused butter or oil, the effects of edibles are ideal for some.

What seems to be most attractive about the marijuana edible is the non-smoking element attractive to those with lung and asthma-related issues and concerns with carcinogenic effects.

The effect of a marijuana edible is, well, different from your everyday smoke. This might be why edibles are less popular among the recreational.

According to the Marijuana Growers Headquarters, THC must be absorbed through your intestines and liver before having any effect — but the effect is a long-lasting, full body, don’t-you-dare-make-me-leave-my-house high. Much like one’s tolerance levels with inhaled smoke, body mass and metabolism have much to do with how long the high takes to hit you — which could be 45 to 90 minutes.

Of course, you can’t really eat marijuana raw — so don’t get any ideas. THC is a molecule that needs heat in order to do its psychoactive business quickly. It’s also soluble in fats, usually butter or oil. Once you have a good amount of cannibutter, you can use that in virtually any baking recipe that calls for butter or oil.

So before starting, how much weed do you have or want to use?

Marijuana Growers Handbook suggests for every 1 pound of butter, you will want 1 ounce of trimmings. This is a pretty basic 1:1 ratio, so cut it down or add it as you see fit.

Clarify the butter by melting the butter in a pot, being careful not to burn it. Once it is completely liquid, take it off the heat and let it cool for five minutes. After cooling, the butter will separate and on the top will look like foam. Skim as much of this foam off. The clear liquid left in the pan is known as clarified butter.

Grind the weed. A regular grinder will work, but since it’s working with a fairly large amount a coffee grinder works much faster.

Heat the butter once again and add the ground up weed. Allow the mixture to simmer for two to five hours.

It will be very smelly and you’ll probably want to open the windows. A crock pot works well for this as well, but it will take longer.

After the simmering, strain it through a mesh strainer or a cheesecloth. Squeeze as much of the butter through the strainer. Pour the liquid cannibutter into a Tupperware or mason jar and let it set in the fridge.

Potency of edibles is really important and hard to measure. Let’s say you’re making batch of brownies that calls for 1 cup of cannibutter. If you want these to be really potent, use 1 cup of your homemade butter. If you want a medium to low potency, or just want to air on the side of caution and responsibility, use 1/2 cup of cannibutter and 1/2 cup of untainted butter.


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