Medical marijuana regulatory bill dead… for now

Sen. Lou Correa’s medical marijuana regulatory bill, SB 1262, backed by the League of California Cities and the California Police Chiefs Association, did not advance out of committee in the Assembly and is now dead. The bill was revised many times, and while it was significantly improved during the course of the session, the legislation would have been harmful to patients and businesses that serve them in a number of ways. MPP and many other groups believe clear legal protections and regulations are long overdue in California and expect the legislature to continue debating a regulatory measure next year.


Insider’s Grow: Choosing Your Strain

There is a growing list of medicinal marijuana strains available to today’s’ cannabis cultivator.While there are plenty of winners, how does one decide which ones to grow?

With the amount of work that’s been done to selectively breeding cannabis over the last 25 years, there’s lots of potent selections. While the finished bud is very important, It is also important to grow within your means and capabilities. Like most happy places in life, it’s about having a healthy balance.